Sites & Opportunities

What are the program goals?

  • Support local economic development initiatives that stimulate investment and provide new employment opportunities.
  • Transform blighted areas into safe, viable spaces that enhance our neighborhoods.
  • Restore the environment and protect human health.
  • Create public-private partnerships that will leverage funding for redevelopment projects.
  • Gather and effectively utilize public input to identify priority redevelopment areas, plans, and strategies.

Why is your input needed?

Great ideas and visions aligned with opportunities help local municipalities and potential developers realize community desires, needs, and possibilities. Community input serves as the foundation for creating a clear path forward that ultimately leads to restoring abandoned and blighted properties currently detracting from investment. Over the long-term, making these sites attractive to developers will stimulate local investment, create jobs, increase access to local amenities, and improve overall public perceptions for our community.

Brownfield property

Frequently Asked Questions